Here's Chewie!

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Just Arfing Around!

Don't worry! I won't bite you - not yet!   Hee hee!

I'm a sweet, lovable canine mix of Chihuahua (Mamacita) and Doxie (Papacita).
This is my own website, where you'll have lots of fun (if you like dogs!) and maybe learn a thing or two from my point of view (which is pretty much ankle high!).

I've got lots of Chihuahua pics and jokes and helpful hints on how to live with a suave canine like myself - so sit back and start clicking!


Since this is my first site, give me a little feedback on what you like and what I should forget. And remember, mY tyPiNg'ss noT So goOd ssomETImes!

Ziggy Doodlewompers:    Hey Chewie! Where can I  find a no-legged dog?Surprised

Chewie K9:    Right where you left him! Tongue out

CHEWIE was not the name I was whelped with!

My first memories harken back to my Mamacita and nuzzling her soft belly in search of the staff of life! She called me "Titumhurtum" which means "You eat too much!".
On the first day my new pal brought me home, she saw me tear into a chew toy twice my size - and voila! - a star was born - me! She named me Chewie! -
which means "Bet I can swallow this whole!"
That was many years and many meals ago, and I want to share all of it with you now. Read on, and let me show you how crazy my life's been!


ChewieK9:  How many Chihuahuas does it take to screw in a lightbulb?  Cool

Look for answer somewhere else on this site!27573